The biggest challenge facing independent filmmakers today is distribution. More accurately, how does an independent filmmaker get their product seen by a wide audience and actually make a profit?

The current system works extremely well if you are lucky enough to have signed your movie to Disney. For the majority of independent film makers this is not the case.

You, the filmmaker, can write, direct and fully finance a great film. Everyone loves it, but the sales agents won’t touch it because it has no named actors. This means that it is highly unlikely that this film will get any significant distribution through traditional markets. So you enter your brilliant film in every film festival and finally it is picked up. Hooray, you think, they are now living the dream…right?

Wrong. This is the part no one tells you about.  Your great film will be making money for everyone but you!

You may get picked up by an agent and start getting higher paid directorial work (or you may not).  Of course, there are those who will make it into the studio system. Sadly, this is not easy to achieve.

Another option is to self- distribute your movie. This way you get to keep all the profits from your creation but it is likely you will struggle to gain a wide audience. Generating awareness and buzz about your film is difficult because you don’t see the film as a product that needs to be sold; it’s your baby, and rightly so. Ultimately, you stand to lose all the money you sank into making it if you do not know how to market your film.

Musicians in the music industry had this exact problem around ten years ago. The major labels would take a large percentage of the profits while the artists producing the music would receive very little.  The advent of YouTube completely changed the playing field.  Artists could now put their music online and many gained a huge fan base but this did not convert to huge financial gains.

That’s where the Digital Record Labels came in.

These small record labels were run by business minded people with a passion for music fans who understood the music industry and knew how to build an audience and make money. They were using online platforms like Beatport to sell music so there was no physical product and low overheads.  This business model meant that both the record label and the artist made money. Artists like Calvin Harris and Skrillex were born from this new industry.

Now the film industry is in exactly the same position as the music industry was a decade ago. The Film Label is the first of a new kind of business model. We aren’t reinventing the wheel, simply co-opting a model that is proven to work and switching out the product.

The Film Label signs talented new directors with or without a feature film. If they have a great script we fund it and distribute it. If they have a completed film, but are stuck in limbo, we sign it, market it and distribute it splitting the profits always giving the artist the largest share of the revenue.

We will work as hard to sell your film as you did to make it. We believe in a fairer industry where you, as the filmmaker, won’t need the day job anymore. That is why, after we have taken you and your film to a hungry audience, we won’t suddenly close the door in your face. The Film Label is also a management company that will guide the filmmaker to their next feature without finding themselves back at square one.

We are signing low budget films with big ideas and making them profitable for the artists behind the movies.

We primarily sell films signed to the label the big 3 TVOD (iTUnes Amazon Direct, Google Play) and big 3 SVOD (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime). We can sell DVD in the US and UK. All the movies we sign are partnered with a future hit song that will have a music video cut from footage from the movie. This music video is essentially the films trailer. These music videos are then released through highly subscribed popular YouTube channels, with a direct link to buy the movie.

Combined with traditional digital marketing techniques such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube advertising to garner a viewership with Pop-Up cinema events and theatre tours to host the film’s premiere at cool and creative venues, we believe we have the know how to get people talking about your movie.

The Film Label is here to support the film making community and it’s really important to us that they support us back. This is a new concept that we know will benefit many film makers. Other film labels will spring up in our wake, just as they did in the music industry, and more filmmakers will find a new way to get noticed and get paid for it.

We believe that we are the change that the indie-film sector needs.

Together, we can show the world what you can do. We can make the Disney’s of the world sit up and take note. This isn’t about sticking a middle finger up to the big dogs of industry, but rather creating a new doorway for the next generation of filmmakers to walk through.

We are The Film Label.